super power bus


Super Power Agency

In collaboration with

Leith Academy


Jamie Johnson

Leith, Edinburgh


The Super Power Agency is a charity committed to improving the lives of young people through literacy skills and creativity.


Civic Soup were commissioned to transform their newly acquired, former local authority library bus into a fantastical superhero laboratory, designed to empower and stimulate the imaginations of anyone who entered.


Through a series of workshops with English classes at Leith Academy, we worked with young people to develop whole worlds of characters, narratives, themes and spaces. Shoeboxes were reimagined as superhero hang-out spaces, villain’s lairs, private aircraft interiors, and top-secret bunkers. With the use of everyday materials, pupils were able to articulate and represent the ever-evolving stories of their imagined characters through discussion and design decisions.


From the other-worldly imaginings that emerged in the workshop, we were able to develop designs that incorporated many aspects of the shoe-box scenes, including galactic finishes, team gathering spaces, flexible partitions and colourful flooring.


With the amazing paintwork of Jamie Johnson externally and the transformative fabrication and fit-out from Splintr, these shoeboxes have become an exciting reality. As a mobile classroom, shop and workspace, the Super Power Bus is now touring schools, communities and book festivals to welcome superheroes to-be.


Keep an eye out for it landing near you!


Photos: Chris Scott