a reading circle

on place & decolonisation

In the framework of
'What If' Digital Residency
SaltSpace, Glasgow


In the Autumn of 2020, members of the public and SaltSpace community gathered in an online reading circle centred on practices of decolonisation in relation to place and architecture. In each of the 6 sessions, guided by Civic Soup, participants read aloud in-turn from scripts, essays and autoethnographies.
The reading circle culminated in the production of a resource document collating all the references that blossomed from the practice of collective reading. This can be found here:

Base texts focused on the settler-colonial present and its residues in Glasgow’s built environment, refugee architectures of temporary permanence, ecofeminist perspectives on land use and cultivation, and architectural legacies of imperialism in non-Western geographies. 

Assembled and mapped in our resource document are links to the points of departure, further resources and references which grew from the collective reflection and discussion of each reading session.


Anchored to Resmaa Menakem’s study of embodied trauma in My Grandmother’s Hands: Racialized Trauma and the Pathway to Mending Our Hearts and Bodies, the Reading Circle continues to meet and share a practice of collective reading and reflection.