Youth Vision

In collaboration with

Youth Vision Community & Volunteers

Pentland Hills, Midlothian


Harhüt is a live-build project initiated with Youth Vision – a charity providing young people aged 10-21 with an alternative to formal education. By working, eating and playing together on a rural farm, young people make connections to their surrounding natural environment whilst learning to take ownership over their actions and abilities.



The design of the Harhüt was derived from a roundhouse, with each section of the structure supporting the on-site investigation of different traditional construction techniques.


Using recycled components salvaged from the farm and natural materials found in the surrounding area.

Along with the help of enthusiastic volunteers, Civic Soup worked with those enrolled on Youth Vision’s programmes to begin construction on the hut through a series of open workshops.


Following these initial workshops,Youth Vision and its young people have taken ownership of the process and continue to use the Harhüt to develop and test  construction skills and techniques.