creative riot


Boom Saloon

In collaboration with

WPK Architects

Leith, Edinburgh


Alongside WPK Architects, Civic Soup were 

commissioned to design and fabricate the set and props for the first ever Boom Project –strand of social projects funded by and documented within Boom Saloon's biannual 

magazine publication.

Creative Riot celebrated diverse talent from North Edinburgh’s unsung youth. Powerful stories were told through parkour, dance, spoken work and music. Here, voices that are often overlooked were given a platform to speak up and be heard.

Taking place in the then recently reopened Leith Theatre, an abandoned 1930’s cultural institution, the production took advantage of the fraying character of this forgotten space.


Spots of light and dispersed platforms dismantled the barrier between audience and performance space, functioning as seating and stage sets amongst found props.


Photos: Holly Baker