Civic Soup is an Edinburgh-based architecture design collective set up in 2016 by a group of architectural designers, artists and cultural practitioners.


We aim to facilitate interest around and action upon the development of our built environment through a concern for social and cultural ecologies and progression by communities (and those who inhabit them).

In this sense, our work is driven by the local.


As a collective, we draw from a breadth of experience to meaningfully collaborate with people and places. We produce workshops, performances, conversation and events, public art, live builds, and spatial design. We aim to foster in our collaborators the initiative to contribute and make an impact on inhabited environments, promoting collective ownership across the public (and counterpublic) realm


Collaboration is key to Civic Soup. We value the inherent knowledge and experiences of people as occupants of place, and the importance of their role in the production of it. It’s in this belief that we often find process to be of equal or more significance than output.

 civic soup is... 


Silvan Gottschall


Ruth Hamilton

Miranda Rigby


Sigi Whittle