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SaltSpace 'What If' Residency, Glasgow

October 2020 - December 2020

LOCUS is a future public art trail, commissioned by Shetland Arts on behalf of Living Lerwick.


As one of four selected artists, Civic Soup have been tasked with delivering a work in response to contemporary life on Shetland following the provocation:


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Where we’ve come from

Our fascination surrounding the sociocultural history of textile production on Shetland has so far led us to develop and deliver creative workshops that borrowed from processes of ‘makkin’, and continues to inform the development of the artwork.


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Through Shetland Isles Council’s Creative Learning Network fund, we took The Never Ending Jumper & The Never Ending Story on a tour of five schools, working with classes from upper primary through to S3.


These paired workshops created an opportunity for pupils to reveal to us broad, exciting and unexpected insights into life on Shetland through the eyes of young people, whilst also learning about design processes, skills and the power of creative thinking.

CIVIC SOUP CIC is a company registered in Scotland with Company Number SC552340