In conjunction with Youth Vision, this project is generously funded by The National Lottery Awards For All

This project involves the design and build of a small (round) hut in the Pentland Hills in Edinburgh. Civic Soup are working alongside Youth Vision, a charity providing young people (aged between 10-21) with an alternative to formal education. By working, eating and playing together on a rural farm the young people connect to the natural environment and learn to take ownership of their actions.

The idea of the hut is to create a basic space that is purely built by hand, providing shelter and warmth. The design is somewhat based on a roundhouse, which will introduce another traditional style of construction in addition to the charity’s existing stone farmhouse. This project is intended to be experimental, i.e. we will investigate various techniques and materials that are sourced locally and available to us.

We’re currently working with young people enrolled on programmes at Youth Vision, as well as inviting enthusiastic volunteers from the community to join the open design & build process. The resulting structure will therefore be directly shaped by the participants, the materials and techniques evolving according to what they want to experiment with and learn about. We thereby hope to encourage members of the community to integrate and bond over the building process, as well as to provide them with a platform for learning about traditional techniques.

Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 13.32.10

Sample construction techniques for the Harhut