In collaboration with ESALA Projects, CMS Cladding and BAM Construction.

Client: Baltic Street Adventure Playground

For this project, we worked to provide a weatherproof cladding for the Wikihouse at Baltic Street Adventure Playground in Glasgow, after having become involved in its construction in Summer 2016. We collaborated with BAM Construction and CMS Cladding, who provided site management and materials for the build. Our construction week was run alongside ESALA Projects, with student participants from Edinburgh University joining us during their Festival of Creative Learning.

These workshops were an opportunity to engage local children from the playground in the processes of designing and construction. By ensuring they were involved in the sessions, it was possible to give them ownership of their new space.

Based on the kids’ ideas, we put together a design proposal using a combination of aluminium panels, plywood, and PVC roofing panels. These were chosen in order to allow for the children to customise them as much as possible.

The roof panels were spray-painted by Baltic Street’s kids, based on the drawings they had previously created. Vibrant colours, plants and emojis were some common themes!