Gordon & Manderston Street Archive

Apr 27

Thorntree Street Archival Photographs

We have unearthed a 1974 image of the old railway bridge that spanned Easter Road at the end of Thorntree Street. The bridge is also visible in this photograph, from 1960. Forbes Wilson writes: "This photograph was probably taken in 1960.  It is of myself and my cousin, Lorraine, looking up…
Mar 20

Edinburgh’s old railway lines

Here's a photo of Edinburgh's old railway lines, including goods and passenger lines criss-crossing the city. The pink dot below Leith Central station is the site of the arches being looked at here. Meanwhile, the pink dot on the left of the picture is one of the sites we're focusing…
Mar 13

Aerial photo of the arches

Here's an aerial picture of the arches and the area around them, from Britain From Above. The arches are towards the bottom of the picture, and can be seen bisecting a tenement block, which has long since been knocked down and replaced with a new development. You can also see…
Mar 09

An interview with Raymond

Raymond Clark of Dunwell Coachworks in conversation with us about the history of the arches, the goods railway that once passed overhead carrying cargo from the Leith Docks to Granton, Barnton and beyond, and his car body repair business. Thanks to Revan Sarikaya for filming the video!
Mar 05