We are an Edinburgh-based collective set up in 2016 by a group of architecture and cultural management graduates. We focus on inclusive design, engaging with diverse communities and encouraging people to take interest in and ownership of our built environment. Along this common theme, our work ranges from workshops, to performative events, up to built projects.

Our output reaches across three strands – design as activism, community engagement and meanwhile use. We are currently working across Edinburgh, London, Warsaw and Berlin.

As a group, we first became involved with the Fountainbridge Canalside Initiative Meanwhile Site, where we worked on the final stages of the Wikihouse that was built there. We recently completed the renovation of a library bus into a mobile classroom for Edinburgh childrens’ literacy charity the Superpower Agency. From community-focused workshops to design and build projects; from installations to performances; we draw from a breadth of experience in order to meaningfully engage with communities.


Laura wants to expand her experience of community-led activities that contribute to the community and the city she calls home, before continuing on to become a qualified architect. She gained a valuable insight into the production of architecture at Bennetts Associates in Edinburgh.


Silvan brings to Civic Soup an energy and dedication that pushes the team forward. He studied arts and cultural management, and currently volunteers with the National Galleries of Scotland & Youth Vision.


Cameron is really excited about collaboration! He thinks lots about bringing together the processes of design and building, and how to include everybody. He brings to the table his experience of running workshops with Studio Umschichten in Stuttgart, and Recetas Urbanas in Madrid.


Calum takes interest in the processes of engagement and learning offered by live-build projects. With experience ranging from Tog Studio on the isle of Tiree to Arkitrek in Malaysia, he has firsthand experience of the remarkable outcomes that are achieved through collective acts of making.


Billy is interested by the potential of public and counterpublic spaces to critique processes of urban change. He currently works across the fields of performance choreography for a visual arts context, reading queer theory in relation to embodied space and ecologies, and exhibition design.


Miranda is interested in how space can be formed with a community to not only directly address their desires but also engage them in the making process. After co-leading a self-build project in Uganda she wants to explore how skills learnt in practice can be implemented in co-design.


Ruth became involved with Civic Soup in 2016 whilst working with Laura at Bennetts Associates.  She is interested in how people engage with the spaces they inhabit, and sees collaborative design activities of all scales as a way of fuelling these conversations about place.